Thursday, April 24, 2014


My Easter lilies this year are extraordinary.  They are prolific and pungent.  As much as I'm ready for them to fade they just keep on sending out a wonderful scent and bloom on. They are persistent in their fervor.  Don't you wish you could be?

In today's busy life, I find myself bouncing from task to task.  Picking up the next as I lay down what I have been focused on.  I'm  wanting to dwell, not to bounce.  Persistence would be lovely.

Today's painting is the ever difficult white on white.  There are so many colors that those whites become as they move into shadow.  This is a simplified version for a rainy afternoon.  I'm looking to find the key to persistence, not the nuance of white.  The answer is there.  For more information ClickHere.

So, for today it is April lilies and persistence.  On a rainy day, it’s bright inside.

Blessings on your day.


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