Thursday, April 3, 2014

Arizona Evening

We've had a gloomy day awaiting the "big snow". I was almost wishing for the promised snow to brighten the day....almost!

As I was getting my paints together, I was thinking back just a month to our trip to Arizona. Spring was in full force as we landed. The wild flowers were beginning to bloom. My favorites are the orange desert poppies that mass  in unexpected corners.

We spent an evening at the Desert Botanical Garden. We had the luxury of time for a change, and spent some time sitting as the sun began to lower.  Slowly I noticed a fragrance...a woodsy, citrus, warm aroma. It was quite magical!

So today's landscape is of an Arizona vista...with just a hint of poppies. I think I will visit the memory often. Hope it helps brighten your landscape today. To bid click here.

See you tomorrow.
Blessings on your evening.


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