Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Garden Memories

All of life has it's ups and downs!  Welcome to my NEARLY DAILY painting blog!

I knew when I began that I would not make a painting "every" day....but I didn't count on the train wreck I ran into this weekend.  No excuses, and I have been painting. I have not been happy with the quality of the work I was pushing out every day.  So, I have taken a step back and will begin again.

And it's always right to begin again with flowers.  I'm missing my garden this year.  Usually by this time there is at least a bit of green beginning to grow.  But this year I still have a mound of snow covering a good portion of the garden.  So I will have to rely on the memory of gardens past.  As always this memory is soft and muted, a jumble of greens and flower petals.  And sometimes memories are the best way to go....you don't need to weed a memory, right?  To Bid Click Here

So today it is a memory that I carry with me.  Hope it sparks a memory for you, too! 

Blessings on you day.


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