Friday, April 25, 2014


It was so grey out today I needed some yellow to pick me up, and of course lemons came to mind.  I love lemons.  Ice tea is just my excuse to have fresh lemons.  My bag of lemons is dwindling as I drink ice tea and cut them up to paint them.  Hopefully they will be a sign of a sunny day on Saturday.  I think we are due one again. For more information about this painting ClickHere.

I am still working my way around the still life; trying to use the  single brush stroke to define an area. Unfortunately, old training dies hard and I'm left with a mismatch of styles.  But they are bright and very yellow.  And no one said this was supposed to be easy.  The hardest part is posting work that I’m not fully confident about.  I’m not usually that revealing.
I now have a link at the top of this page for you to sign up to receive the daily paintings in your email instead of on Facebook.  Please enter your email address and join my growing list of followers.  I’m planning to move to just email after a bit.  I feel I can be more candid when I know my audience.  You’ll want to be there when I throw caution to the wind!.....and I hope you are enjoying the images too!
So for today it is lemonade.  Whether it is sweetened, or unsweetened, I hope you have a sunny day full of Spring.
Blessings on your day.

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