Monday, April 14, 2014

Cherry Tree

I hear that the cherry trees are blooming in Washington DC. It's on my bucket list to visit one spring. Somehow it always seems so early when they bloom. Here in MN we are still in the grip of winter at this time of year. Maybe that is what has my interest sparked. That and I hear that the size of the blooms are very large. One of my favorite walks in the spring is to walk over to blooming crab apple trees...our MN equivalent...and just stand with my head in the branches. I always look to see if anyone is looking before I do.

It is a wonderful experience. You are surrounded by white and pink blooms. The fragrance is very mild and is not a distraction. You can see the yellow stamens at the center of each blossom. The variety of white and pink is marvelous. I live in that experience for many months later.

One of the benefits of painting each day is that I can play. Most times I don't keep my playful paintings, but I did keep this one. It just sparked my apple blossom experiences. I'm sharing it with you for two celebrate the cherry blossoms in DC, and because I don't have another painting to share today. Another benefit of painting daily...and posting daily...I can't take myself too seriously. Normally these are the paintings that no one sees. It is a bit humbling, but a growing experience non the less.  Click here for more information on this piece.

So today it is blossoms. Hope you have a blooming wonderful day. Pretend that the white flakes coming out of the sky are apple blossoms....wouldn't that be something?

Blessings on your day.

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