Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bowl of Roses

I love the red background in this painting, just for fun today.  The roses became a post modern tribute.  They were almost finished, but needed the white stripes to sharpen the composition. For a better look at them and more information CLICK HERE.

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Life has caught me off guard and caused me to not post daily, yet again.  This time I do have an excuse.  I have been at a workshop, painting daily, in Grand Marais for a week.  It is a special time each year when a group of women come together to make art with abandon.  It was last week, and I thought I would have the time to paint a small painting each day.  I was surprised when that did not happen. I suppose I should not be surprised because this workshop never goes as you think it will.  Always something happens to shake up your work....always in a good way. 

 I will post some of the work that I did do a bit later.  It is slightly larger and is focused on the cherry tree's.  They seem to have a special focus for me at this time.  They are abstract, but interesting I think.  You can let me know.   

But for today, it is roses.  With Mother's Day coming up they could be a hint of sorts.

Blessings on your day.


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