Friday, May 16, 2014

Cheery Crabapple

Back to some abstract florals today and tomorrow.  I need a burst of color and movement to counter the cold, drab, non-movement in the weather.  I'm back to painting on a painted background and missing the shine of the gold underneath.  I'll be trying this on the gold soon.

This blog has been a surprise for me in many ways.  Today I'm being surprised at how closely my mood matches what is going on outdoors.  I know I'm moved by the natural world, just didn't know my emotions were so closely tied.  Retirement changes much.  I'm not out and about and doing three things at once.  I can be more easily moved without the clutter, I guess.

I'm still "trying on" may styles to use with the apple blossom theme.  Today's painting portrays the fun feeling I have standing in the trees.  I can almost smell the faint fragrance, can you? My goal is to have everyone standing in apple trees and crab apple trees by the time they bloom.  Watch as you are driving by an orchard.  I'll bet there will be a body standing close to a tree.  For more information about this painting CLICK HERE.

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So for today it is fun and cheer and fantasy.  Hope it lifts your certainly has mine.

Blessings on you day.


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