Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Color and Shine

Continuing in the apple blossom is my first small abstract on gold leaf in the 6 x 6.  It doesn't show here, but the branch is the base "painting" of gold.  There are also some smaller areas of gold left bare.  The light catches as you walk by, but not in a showy way, I hope.  I'm working toward an integrated gold backing look.  Something that enlivens the painting.  This one works on that level.

I'm working on a few of these so you may see them in the future.  The branching form is different, but the concept of the flower petals remains.  Let me know what you think!!  For more information you can   Click Here......  and don't forget to add your email address on the top of this page to receive future postings in your home email.   

The look of this painting is not as fine as the larger painting I posted last week.  It has a more abstract feeling, with a bit of push pull going on.  The larger paintings painted while at the workshop are definitely bolder than anything that I was thinking.  That's what are always surprised!  It is what makes art alive and fun!!!

So for today it is color and shine.  I think we could use more of that this offset the weather forecast.

See you tomorrow.

Blessings on your day.


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