Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring Branch

Today's painting began as a focus on the branching form and dappled light that you get with a blossom tree and full sunshine.  Then my brush took over and we got blossoms again.  I'm going to try to curb it's enthusiasm in the future.  For more information please CLICK HERE.....and  also, remember to add your name to the email spot at the top of this page to receive this in your inbox.

But this is just as I remember, do you suppose it was painted by my subconscious?  I used to sit under a tree very much like this one at the corner of my Grandfather's garden at home.  This special tree was sent by a distant relative...distant in that she lived in California...and bore her name as long as we lived there. 

It became the Elsie tree, and held the corner of the garden.  It was placed so that her shade would not shade the garden....that precious soil for planting flowers, and strawberries, and beans, and peas.  But the shade did allow a young girl to lay in the grass and enjoy the shade.

So for today it is memories I guess.  Maybe that is one of the reasons that I am drawn to this subject.  Do you have garden memories today.....the sun is out and it's finally going to be warm.

Blessings on your day.


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