Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May Blossoms on Gold Foil

My time in Grand Marais is always quite fruitful.  This year it has given me a focus forward. I am focusing on the apple trees, crab apple trees that will soon be blooming all over.  I love their branching form and their blossoms.  They have life span each year following the seasons which seems to follow our life cycle.  And I love to stand in them with blossoms all over my head!

For the last year I have been learning acrylics working to eventually paint on gold.  I'm so moved by the natural world, and spiritually, I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit underlying all that I see, trod upon, smell, and feel around me. 

So, I decided that gold would be a great underlayment for my landscapes.  Unfortunately, oil paint reacts with the gold, so I had to learn a new medium.  It was one year ago in that I decided, during my workshop in Grand Maras, to "master" acrylic. Well, I have made friends with it so far.  There is so much to know about this medium.

This little tree was a first try to get color, transparency and stroke right in his 6 x6 size.  For more information please Click Here  I'm feeling that my next few tries will be more abstract.  You can let me know what you think.

But for today it is pink blossoms and a longing for them to actually be blooming.  I will even walk out to see them in my warm coat. How about you?

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Blessings on your day.


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