Monday, May 19, 2014

Apple Branch


Another attempt at abstract apple blossoms today.  This one has larger areas of color that do not "stand" for foliage.  They just echo the branching of the tree and allow me to "play" with color.
Again they are on gold foil so they take on a persona in real life....and don't show well in their photos.  In case you are wondering why I keep doing these, they really are magical in person.

They are a welcome bright spot today as we get rain and dark skies.  It is particularly dark indoors today at our house.  I was sitting here for quite awhile before noticing that the light bulb had burned out in my favorite lamp... right next to me.  Good morning Monday!!!  For more information on this painting CLICK HERE....and to receive my email enter yours above.

So for today it is dreary rain outdoors, and bright colors indoors. Color is always a great thing to have in your life....and on your walls.

Blessings on your day.


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