Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hillside Blossoms

After a time away, I'm returning to blossoms. The crabapple trees have bloomed in many shades of color. The grass has greened and it seems like my perennials are bursting forth from the damp ground in full flower. They are trying to make up for lost time I think. CLICK HERE for more information on this painting.

The colors of spring are all around us...finally.  It seems to me, the shades of green this year are unlimited.  I don't think I can remember more variety.

Our ancient red pine trees, that line up just outside our door, are ready to dust everything in puffs of red pollen. I was surprised to see this happen our first year here, it seemed rather magical. But now I know I have to keep my windows closed while the red clouds are floating by. It takes the magic away somehow. Isn't that a shame, and a statement on adulthood.

So, for today it is greens and blossoms. And of course the dandelions are in full bloom. Time to sit in the grass and make a chain.

Blessings on your day.

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